How to Whip Up Super-Healthy, Gourmet Meals in 15 Minutes… So Good You’ll Even Start CRAVING KALE (I’m Not Joking)

Plus, What You Must Immediately Stop Buying at the Grocery Store.
FDA REPORTS: “This One Food Is Adulterated With FILTH”
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“Just sprinkle this on your food,” Chef Zach told me. “It’s like magic.”

He was explaining all about the unusual jar of spices he’d just sent me.

About how he’d discovered a powerful flavor secret…

A secret that lets you whip up a nutritious, gourmet meal in just a few minutes…

A way to instantly make a dish “craveable”… even those “super-healthy” foods you hate.

What’s more?

Anyone can use this secret…

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional cook or a complete beginner.

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Frankly, I was skeptical.

I mean, like most people, I’d cooked with spices before. Could what Zach had sent me really be all that different?

But then I tossed his spices in with some roasted veggies…

Each bite was bright, zesty, and perfectly balanced all at the same time. My daughter Ava Jane went back for seconds.

I dusted the spices onto a piece of grilled fish…

My wife said it was like eating at a 5-star restaurant.

And when my carnivore father-in-law Patrick (who despises vegetables) came to visit us in Sayulita, Mexico, I added a pinch to some roasted broccoli.

He stared at me in disbelief.

“You made broccoli taste like THIS in 15 minutes? And it’s good for my heart too? What on earth did you do?”

Patrick shook his head again…

We all laughed. And the conversation moved on.

Yet for the next several weeks, his comment nagged at me. I kept thinking about the spices Zach had sent me. And I couldn’t stop wondering…

Wait? Why Don’t We Crave Healthy Food?

Because here’s the thing…

Eating healthy is literally hardwired into your DNA.

In fact, the instructions for identifying nutritious food make up more of your genes than those for your brain, your eyes, and even your sex organs.

So why don’t we just eat foods that promote healing, abundant energy, and weight loss?

Why do we have such a hard time eating the same, natural foods we’ve been eating for thousands upon thousands of years?

Well, that’s when I decided to do some heavy research. And what I uncovered blew me away.

It all starts with two simple words…

Big Food.

Now, you’ve probably heard all about how corporations are pumping their “food” with toxic amounts of fat, salt, and sugar. Or how they spend billions of dollars each year on aggressive marketing to make us addicted to their products.

It’s all true.

But it’s not the full story. For as I dug into the research, I discovered something far, far more sinister.

See, back in 2015, award-winning journalist Mark Schatzker sounded the alarm on the food industry with a shocking book called The Dorito Effect. And when I took a look at it…

I Thought I Was Reading a Conspiracy Novel!

Except… everything was 100% real.

Just consider the story of Doritos, the headline story from the book.

The original Doritos were actually just a salted corn chip. And they completely bombed. No one bought them.

That’s when Arch West, VP of Sales at Frito-Lay, came up with a genius solution…

Engineer them to taste like a taco.

His team hacked the specific flavor compounds that give tacos their delicious taste. And they replicated those same compounds in the lab.

And when they dusted those chemicals on top of each chip… people went crazy for them.

Did you catch that?

They re-created the flavor of a genuine, healthy food…

And they stuck it on something incredibly cheap and unhealthy.

They use this trick all the time.

Blueberries too expensive? Just recreate the blueberry “flavor” and dump it in sugar water.

Got a bunch of cheap, plain potatoes? No problem. Just make them taste like “barbecued steak”.

They hack your body’s natural instincts. And your taste buds actually believe you’re getting something nutritious.

Yet the reality is… you’re tricked into eating more and more refined, processed foods…

Foods that cause obesity, inflammation, heart disease, and even cancer.

Unfortunately, this is only one side of the story.

That’s because…

Big Food Is Also Systematically
Stripping the Flavor (and Nutrition)
From Natural “Good” Foods

Researchers in Kansas recently published a shocking study on tomatoes.

They compared the vitamins and sweetness levels of tomatoes in 1950 to tomatoes in 1999.

Now, one would think that with all our advances in science and technology, our produce should be better today than it was back in 1950.

But it’s not the case!

Our so-called “modern” tomatoes have half as much calcium and vitamin A. And on top of it all, they’re completely flavorless. As one researcher commented… today you’re buying little more than an expensive “water bomb.”

It wasn’t just tomatoes either.

The study found the same thing happening in 42 other natural foods like carrots, strawberries, and lettuce.

As farmers continue to optimize their crops for yield (a.k.a. profit) year after year… nutrition and flavor keeps plummeting.

Look, it’s no wonder many people think healthy food is boring and bland.

Because it actually is!

Now at this point, you may be wondering…

What’s the alternative then? How do we go back to the way humans used to eat before big food started hacking our food?

You can slowly, over the course of months and years, wean yourself off processed snacks and sugar.

That can work.

But there’s an easier way. It’s what my friend Zach discovered…

The Secret to Making Healthy
Food So Delicious Your Body

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What is it?

You use big food’s own tricks against them.

You take advantage of a condensed source of flavors… not cooked up in a lab… but from honest-to-goodness natural plants.

I’ll share the details in just a second.

But first… there’s a few things you have to understand about Zach.

For although few members of the general public have ever heard of him…

Multiple gourmet restaurants, celebrity cooks, and James Beard award-winning chefs — who I’m not allowed to name for privacy reasons — call upon him regularly for advice.

He’s considered by many to be…

“The Mad Scientist of Flavor”

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See, Zach is an “unconventional” chef.

He never went to formal cooking school. He never got a master’s degree at some prestigious university.

Zach even used to be a pro snowboarder before he transitioned into cooking.

Instead he earned his chops the hard way… from relentless experimentation in over thirty top restaurants across the country.

And as a result…

Zach’s developed an ability to take simple ingredients… and instantly give them a pop and pizazz that makes people rave about them.

That’s because he’s figured out…

How to Compress a 5-Star,
Gourmet Meal Into a Handful
of Natural Ingredients

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A couple summers ago…

Zach was flipping through the pages of Bon Appetite magazine when he stumbled upon a unique recipe for fish tacos.

It called for fresh mangos and chipotle peppers. And frankly, it looked delicious.

Zach scanned the recipe…

40 minutes of prep.

“What?! That’s crazy,” he thought.

“It shouldn’t take 40 minutes just to make some fish tacos.”

He paused for a second and wondered out loud…

“What if I made it dry? I could eliminate all the prep work and just have this amazing dry seasoning that does what the recipe does in one step instead of nine steps. No prep.”

Zach went to his kitchen and started fiddling around.

He swapped the fresh fruit with sweet, dried mango. Instead of the chipotle peppers he brought in some ground green hatch chilies. And for a bit of extra kick… he threw in a dash of ground habanero.

When Zach was finished, he asked one of his restaurant friends if she’d test it on their menu.

It was a massive success.

The flavors were bold and bright. Just a single bite instantly transported you to the beach… even if you were 10,000 feet above sea level.

People kept coming back over and over again just for the tacos.

And a critic in one local magazine even called them…

“The Best Fish Tacos in Colorado”

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What’s more?

Because it was a simple mix of spices… you didn’t have to be a professional chef to make them. Any cook, anywhere could recreate these magical tacos effortlessly.

Just chop up a couple veggies…

Throw some fish into a skillet…

Toss on this magical spice blend…

And BAM…

You’ve got a fun, delicious (and healthy) meal in minutes.

And instead of using toxic, artificial flavors cooked up in a lab… you’re using whole, complete spices harvested from actual, nutritious plants.

I Need to Warn You About Something

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You see, many spices are bad for you.

In fact, they’re downright poisonous and toxic to your health.

In 2013, the FDA published the findings of a massive investigation into the spice industry.

It took them nearly 4 years… and they examined more than 7,249 individual samples.

And what they found was… disturbing.

Many of the spices they looked at were…

“Adulterated With Filth”

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Those aren’t my words either. That’s a direct quote from the report!

What kind of filth, you ask?

Well, the report lists it off…

  • Live and dead whole insects
  • Insect parts
  • Excrement (animal, bird, and insect)
  • Hair (human, rodent, bat, cow, and others)
  • Bird feathers
  • Debris (stones, twigs, staples, plastic)
  • And more…

Bird poop? Rat Hair? Live insects? Ewwwwwwwww!

That’s just what you can see with the naked eye too…

Because when the FDA put these spices under the microscope they found that spice shipments from 37 out of 79 countries were contaminated with bacteria that can make you sick.

Even worse…

Researchers also found “dangerous” levels of arsenic, chromium, and lead in spices.

These are deadly poisons that have been directly linked to fatigue, brain damage, and even death.

Now this is all pretty shocking.

But you know what’s even scarier?

These studies completely ignored the biggest group of contaminants.

I’m talking about…

Hundreds of Toxic Chemicals, Fillers
and Preservatives That Big Food Dumps
Into Their Spices… ON PURPOSE

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See, the thing about genuine spices is that they’re expensive to grow and process.

Take cardamom for example…

Cardamom is a finicky plant. It only yields a harvest in specific tropical climates. And, every pod must be picked by hand within a short 2-3 day window… or you ruin the spice.

It’s very labor intensive.

You can’t just use some fancy machine.

Plus, as I mentioned, spices are a natural food. They need to be used in a short period of time for maximum freshness and potency.


To solve these pesky “problems”, spice companies have come up with a simple solution…

They dilute their spices and seasonings with fillers and preservatives.

I’m talking about stuffing them with GMO corn, MSG, refined sugar, and a host of dangerous chemicals.

And those are the “legal” additives…

Dozens of major spice providers have been caught cutting their spices with sawdust, ground papaya seed, and even red lead-oxide!

The cold truth is…

Most spice companies simply don’t care if their spices are stale, bland, and stuffed with toxins.

In fact, it’s more profitable that way.

Now at this point, you may be thinking…

Why not switch to organic spices? If it’s organic, that means it’s safe, right?

That’s what I thought at first.

After all, with some foods, going organic is the better option.

But here’s the dirty secret the spice industry doesn’t want you to know. When it comes to spices…

“Organic” Is NOT Actually a
Standard of Quality

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All the organic label means is that the spices were grown a certain way.

Organic says NOTHING about how many junk fillers companies throw into your spices.

Organic says NOTHING about how many contaminants like sticks, bugs or hair are “acceptable”.

Organic says NOTHING about whether your spices are free of bacteria or toxic metals that will make you sick.

(In fact, just a few years ago, a well known organic spice purveyor was forced to recall tens of thousands of items containing organic pepper because of a salmonella outbreak.)

And here’s the craziest thing of all…

In many cases, the strict requirements for farming organic spices actually ends up making the spices less flavorful.

Yes, you read that right…

Many organic spices are WORSE than conventional spices.

Zach put it to me bluntly on the phone…

“I’m not in love with the quality of organic spices because of all the stipulations that you have to go through. You end up with weaker plants and more boring spices.”

The point is…

You can have a 100% organic certified spice… and it can still be completely bland, contaminated, or stuffed with garbage fillers like MSG.

So then… where do you get safe, genuine, flavorful spices?

How do you find…

Wholesome Spices… As Nature
Intended Them to Be

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Well, it’s simple.

You skip your grocery store…

You skip the big, industrial spice companies…

And you go to the source…

You turn to tiny micro-farms that have been growing their spices the same way for hundreds and even thousands of years.

This is what Zach is obsessed about.

He spends most of the year wandering around the globe hunting for obscure spice farms.

I’m not kidding about the “obscure” part.

For example, this past fall, he was visiting Nicaragua.

He flew down there with his wife to try out a unique coffee that’s grown in the volcanic soil.

While cruising along a dirt road in the middle of the rain-forest, they stumbled upon a tiny, little farm growing ginger.

To Zach’s surprise, it was the most incredible ginger he’d ever tasted. (And Zach’s tasted literally thousands of different samples of ginger.)

Immediately, Zach worked out a deal with the farmer to supply ginger for him.

This is how he’s found many of his spice suppliers.

And, as a result of years of traveling, Zach’s developed…

A Personal Rolodex of the World’s
Top Spice Growers

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These farmers aren’t large-scale operations. You won’t find them in a Google search. In fact, many of them don’t even have a phone number.

But for those handful of individuals, like Zach, who know about them…

They have direct access to the most potent, flavorful, and delicious spices on the planet.


Finding a quality source is just the start. That’s because, every single shipment must then pass…

Zach’s Extreme Quality
Control Checklist

Frankly, it sounds like the kind of a checklist NASA would use when launching a rocket into space!
Except it’s for spices.

With every single delivery, Zach’s team runs the spices through a barrage of lab tests…

They test for contaminants like heavy metals, bacteria, or insect parts.

They make sure nothing’s irradiated…

They double check lot numbers and batch codes to make 100% sure it’s coming from the place it’s supposed to.

And, of course, they personally taste each spice to guarantee it’s packed with the maximum flavor possible.

It’s a serious process.

And Zach doesn’t hesitate to reject an entire shipment of spices if it fails even one of his strict standards.

If the lab tests turns up unwanted

Zach sends it back. Period.

Oh, by the way, those pallets and pallets of “rejected spices” aren’t sent to a landfill.

In fact, they may even be on the shelf in your grocery store!

That’s because bad spices just end up getting sold to some other company that won’t check… or care. And most companies don’t.


I was extremely impressed hearing all about the care and attention (and expense) Zach spends to GUARANTEE he’s using only the best spices.

And after experiencing firsthand the zesty, dynamic, artisan spice blends he creates…

I began to understand why Zach’s become…

The “Secret Weapon” Behind
America’s Best Restaurants

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Over 600 restaurants currently hire him to provide the spice blends for their menus.

And as a direct result of working with Zach, these restaurants have been scooping up countless awards and rave reviews by critics.

For example, in Zach’s home state of Colorado… A local food magazine holds an annual competition for “Colorado’s Best Chicken Wings”.

Zach wasn’t mentioned by name. But here’s the interesting thing…

The winner was using Zach’s proprietary spice blend.

Only, it wasn’t just the winner…

Every single one of the top 5 contenders was using a blend that Zach had privately made for them.

The more I learned about Zach, the more I was sold on what he was doing.

And I knew I simply had to get his spices into the hands of more people… not just restaurants or famous chefs… but ordinary folks like you and me.

I knew this was a chance to fulfill…

A Lifelong Dream

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Ava Jane’s Kitchen sells hand-harvested Colima Sea Salt to the USA and Canada. It’s delicious, healthy,
and packed with over 80 essential minerals.

It’s fantastic on its own.

However, I’ve always dreamed of doing more with it…

Of creating something you could just sprinkle on some meat or veggies… and have a quick, tasty meal.

I even tried making a bunch of flavored salts myself… lime salt, hibiscus salt, and even a salt with dried shrimp.

They were fun. And people liked them.

But I was never totally happy with them. I felt the flavored salts were too one-dimensional. And I stopped making them.

After talking with Zach though… I knew he was the perfect partner.

So, I sent him some of my salt.

And, he loved it.

We talked it over and signed a deal. And he agreed to use our salt to produce a private line of spices for us.

And here’s how you can get… in jar form…

your very own "personal chef"

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Ava Jane’s Kitchen and I invite you to become a founding member of Ava’s Artisan Spice Club – a quarterly subscription to the most incredible spice blends on the planet.

Every three months, just weeks after the spices have been ground, and blended, we’ll ship you a collection of our best spices… right to your doorstep.

Inside each package, you’ll find two 4oz jars of seasonal blends for use on roasted vegetables, barbecues, and more.

I’m talking about amazing spices such as…

  • Costa Verde Mango Chipotle: It’s bright and bold. It’s sweet and spicy (but not too spicy). And it’s the exact spice Zach used that one summer to create those magical fish tacos people couldn’t stop talking about.
  • Hot Roasted Garlic: Ground chili peppers? Flakes of crushed red pepper? Powdered garlic? Say no more. It only takes a pinch of this potent blend to add an extra spark to meat, veggies, eggs, avocados, or just about anything.
  • Blackened Fish: Take cooking fish to a whole new level. This iconic blend of cayenne, black pepper, and fresh herbs brings the striking tastes from New Orleans’ top chefs… to your own table.
  • And many others…

The blends will rotate each quarter, so you’ll regularly have a chance to try something new.

And, to help you enjoy and savor these delightful spices we’ve partnered with a second professional chef…

Your Own Personal Recipe Maker!

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Her name is Amy Hunter.

And her recipes have been featured in several major health and natural foods website (such as the Paleo Plan and Skinny Ms). Her recipes help over 20,343 people (every single week) create tasty and nutritious meals at home.

Her focus on healthy, whole food ingredients and dislike of processed food made her the perfect match for our spices.

With your first quarterly package, you’ll receive six gourmet recipes to download (complete with stunning photographs and easy-to-follow instructions) of new and interesting ideas for how to use your powerful, delicious spice blends.

And, every week, you’ll receive a fresh, new recipe from Amy along with tips and tricks for eating healthy.

I can’t wait to hear how YOU use these spices to create healthy, delightful dishes for your friends and family.

That’s why I invite you to…

Become a Founding Member of Ava’s
Artisan Spice Club

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As you’re reading this, we’re just about to place our order with Zach for a few batches.

And we want you to access these stunning spices at the best possible price. So for right now, you can become a member of Ava’s Artisan Spice Club for only $40 per quarter.

Now, some people may immediately think… $40 for two jars of spices? I’ve never paid more than a few dollars for my spices.

And you’d be right about that.

Hopefully, this informative webpage has helped you to understand the dangers of most spices… how they’re contaminated with chemicals and other garbage… and how genuine, premium quality spices are extremely rare and hard to find.

But here’s something else.

These artisan spices have significantly more flavor than your typical grocery store spices.

Where recipes are calling for a large amount of seasoning… you will only need a few sprinkles of our spices to totally transform a dish.

So, if you did the math, these artisan spices are actually not that much more than most bland, contaminated supermarket spices.

A pinch is all it takes. And a pinch won’t cost more than a few pennies.

Plus, you’re not getting just one single spice here…

You’re getting three unique blends exclusively mixed by Zach (your very own professional chef).


Because this is a new service we’re offering here at Ava Jane’s Kitchen…

I’m Going to Do Something Special

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I am going to offer you my best introductory offer, a 90-day free trial, for “charter membership” to Ava’s Artisan Spice Club. I'll send you two of my favorite spice blends, Los Muertos Barbecue and Pumpkin Pie Spice, for FREE. Just pay shipping and handling.

Los Muertos Barbecue makes every dish taste like it just came off the barbecue. Wait till you try it on a portabello mushroom!

Pumpkin Pie Spice
is amazing in chili and desserts like cookies and cakes. Yummy in coffee too!

Seriously, these are the two spices I use almost daily.

Then, you will have 90 days to evaluate my spices before I send you your next freshly ground spice blends. We've commissioned 8 unique spice blends from Zach, rotating quarterly. The idea is to build a pantry with unique spices that are seasonal and fresh.

You’ll get to lock in a lifetime quarterly membership price of only $29.98 per quarter plus shipping and handling. There is no minimum number of quarters for which you must enroll, and you may cancel your membership at any time.

You will be surprised and delighted with each quarter's new and unique spice blends.

But we are limiting charter membership to only 250 new members.

Once those seats are filled, you will not see this page again, and all new members can only enroll at the $40/quarter membership fee.

Of course — your satisfaction is my highest priority. And that’s why every shipment is backed with a…

Lifetime Guarantee

“Fall In Love With Our Spices, Or Get Your Money Back”

Quite simply, if you don’t fall in love with every one of the artisan spice blends we send you… just send them back for a full refund. No questions asked.

In fact, don’t even bother sending back the spices. It’s our thank you gift for trying them out.

And please, take your time cooking, tasting, and enjoying our spices. There’s no 30 day, 60 day, or even 90 day deadline. This guarantee is lifetime.

But You Have to Hurry

See, unlike big industrial spice companies, we’re not willing to just stockpile a bunch of spices in a warehouse without caring when they’re sold.

Freshness is CRITICAL.

Zach literally grinds and blends the exact amount of spices we order in a week and then ships them out.

So, to ensure an adequate supply of spices for all our members — and to ensure you’re getting the absolute freshest and tastiest spices possible — we only opening Ava’s Artisan Spice Club to new members for a short period, just 2-4 times a year.

And because the spices change each quarter, if you miss a shipment, you’ll have to wait an entire year to try those specific spices again.

If you’re seeing this webpage now, that means you’re invited.

But act quickly, because this invitation will only remain open for a short period…

And we’ll be placing our final order to Zach in the next few days.

Yours Healthily,
John Cawrse
Founder, Ava Jane’s Kitchen

PS: There’s something I forgot to mention about the little town of Sayulita, Mexico. You see, not long ago, my wife and I decided to go “all in” and move to this lovely town.

What finally made us do it is the Costa Verde International School, a non-profit school that parents started.

The student body is an even 40/60 mix of international expat and local Mexican children. Over 40% of the student body receives a scholarship to attend.

It’s great. The classroom size is about 14 kids per teacher. It goes up to grade nine, and we’ve attracted some amazing teachers.

The reason I bring this up is to let you know that a percentage of each jar of Ava’s Artisan Spices goes to the Costa Verde Scholarship Fund. This helps another local Sayulita child with an opportunity he or she wouldn’t get otherwise. We are currently supporting 6+ kids through partial scholarships and hope to increase that number.

Personally, I think these spices should be in every person’s home for all the good that they do.

Our Customers Love Our Spices!

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Did you put magic fairy dust in this spice? Because it completely transforms every dish it touches. My new favorite snack is to sprinkle (a.k.a. dump) some of it onto a fresh avocado. Mmmmmmmmmm… so delicious. Oh yeah, my 5-year-old daughter loveas this spice too. She even asks for it raw so she can lick it off her fingers!

Joshua, Chicago, IL

Join...I tried the spices for our meats and now I am using them in veggies and mashed potatoes. It brings the flavors alive! Nancy, Orange, CAIt's so easy to get these good value spices delivered. Brenda, Angola IN You have got to try these spices! Marguerite, Indian Trail NC Definitely better flavor than what you would buy in your local grocery store.

Lisa, Omaha, NE


with this FREE introductory OFFER

Pay Just S/H

Ava's Artisan Spice Club

90-Day Trial Membership

Risk-Free Trial


100% Artisanal

freshly ground

FREE REcipes



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10 Days before your next delivery you will receive a pre-shipment email.
Easy Cancel Via Email.
This offer is for new customers.

Frequently asked questions

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Is the guarantee real?


Quite simply, if you don’t fall in love with the spices we send you… just send us an email and we’ll issue a full refund minus shipping. No questions asked.

These are unique, artisanal products.

And I want to give you the chance to experience the delight and magic these spices bring to healthy cooking… at no risk.

Aren’t these spices kind of expensive?

Not when you think about it.

That’s because addition to being sourced from the world’s best spice growers, tested with the strictest quality control standards imaginable, and blended by a master chef…

Our spices ALSO have way more flavor than your typical grocery store spices.

Where recipes are calling for a large amount of seasoning… you will only need a few sprinkles of our spices.

So, if you did the math, these artisan spices are actually not that much more than most bland, contaminated grocery store seasonings.

A pinch is all it takes. And a pinch won’t cost more than a few pennies.

Can I buy your spices in the store?

Unfortunately, no.

Our mission at Ava Jane’s Kitchen is to find remarkable, delicious products that you can’t get anywhere else… and deliver them to your door.

In other words…

We focus purely on hand-crafted, artisan ingredients that are only sold in small quantities. And we avoid anything that’s “mass produced”.

This means we can only secure a limited supply of these spices at a time… just enough for our members.

Can’t I just mix up my own combination of spices at home?

You’re more than welcome to.

In fact, I actually encourage you to play around and experiment with your food. After all, that’s part of the fun and delight of cooking.

Just make sure you’re using fresh spices of the highest quality to get the maximum flavor possible… and to avoid contaminants, toxins, and the other garbage you find in most spices sold in stores.

That said…

If you love to experiment with your food, then there’s even more reason you’ll love these spices.

Just take the example of Nana (Ava Jane’s grandmother).

Nana is a serious and a total foodie. In fact, when she travels, she lugs along a bag full of spices to cook with.

But here’s what she had to say about these spices…

So, no matter whether you’re a beginning cook or someone with years of experience in the kitchen…

You’re going to love these.

Are your spices organic?

That’s a great question. And it’s something I was concerned about too when I first was talking with Zach about his spice blends.

Zach’s answer really surprised me though…

He says he actively avoids organic spices.

That’s for two major reasons…

NUMBER 1: Zach is obsessed about using the absolute best spices on the planet. And as a result, he almost always sources his spices from tiny micro-farms.

Thing is… Being certified “organic” is insanely expensive. Just the certification alone costs $100,000. And if your farm isn’t set up right, you may need to pay another $400,000 on top of that.

For a small farmer in say Vietnam, that’s an impossible price.

They wouldn’t be a farmer if they had that amount of cash laying around to buy a certification.

NUMBER 2: Zach finds that organic spices are usually worse in terms of flavor and quality.

He told me…

“I’m not in love with the quality of organic spices because of all the stipulations that you have to go through. You end up with weaker plants.”

Organic garlic, for example, tends not to grow to the full-size maturity and sweetness that regular garlic does.

So instead of worrying about having “certified organic” spices, Zach focuses on using extreme quality, non-GMO, naturally-farmed spices instead.

Why can’t I just buy a jar when I need it?

Ava Jane’s Kitchen is a very small, family owned company.

When we launched, we had no idea if we would sell even one jar of spices. We were concerned about having a warehouse full of old spices with no customers. That’s why we decided to go with the membership model.

The membership model allows us to guess with high accuracy how much spice we need to blend for each quarter. This has allowed us to build a sustainable business with very unique, niche products.

Our goal is to bring you amazing products. We can’t do this if we go out of business. The membership model allows us to grow sustainably and stay in business.

Sometimes, if we have extra jars of spices, we offer our members the opportunity to purchase spices for their friends and family.

Will your spices do _____ for my health?

Unfortunately, we’re not doctors. So, we’re not able to really answer direct questions about your health or medical issues.

We simply sell healthy, nutritious food.

And while it is true that science has shown how adding spices to your diet (or cooking healthy meals at home) can help you boost your energy, lose weight, and fight a host of illnesses…

Ultimately, you and your doctor will have to decide what fits into your healthy diet.

How long will these spices stay fresh?

Unlike supermarket spices that have been usually sitting on the shelf for months (or years)…

Here at Ava Jane’s Kitchen, freshness is an absolute priority.

Like any natural food… the special molecules and volatile oils that give spices their powerful flavor break down over time.

And while old spices shouldn’t make you sick, they won’t add much flavor to your food anymore.

So, we recommend you use our spices within 9 months to a year.

A good, simple test is to smell them. If you don’t get a scent, it may be time to get new spices.

By the way, a fun way to “throw them away” is to toss them on your grill when cooking. This releases any last little bit of volatile oils that might still remain, and puts flavor into your grilling food!

Will I the blends be different each quarter? Or will I always get the same 2 blends?

For Ava’s Artisan Spice Club, we’ve commissioned 8 unique spice blends from Zach. And we’ll be rotating between them throughout the year.

That way… You won’t end up with too much of one particular spice. And, you’ll get a chance to experience a wide variety of new and exciting flavors each quarter.

 Sometimes though, if we have extra jars of spices, we offer our members the opportunity to purchase additional spices for their friends and family. 

Are your spices “irradiated”?

Heck no! We want the absolute best quality possible with our spices.

The harsh reality is most spices sold in stores are irradiated. That means companies use extreme UV radiation to kill bacteria and “purify” the spices.

And while the industry claims this process is “totally safe”…

Many scientists believe irradiation changes the chemical composition of a spice, potentially creating toxic and cancer-causing by-products in the food.

Plus, the Center for Food Safety warns that irradiation is often used as a tactic to cover up poor sanitation practices.

This is why we’re committed to ONLY giving you 100% natural, non-irradiated spices.

Do your spices contain added MSG?


What about GMO’s?

NO WAY! Our spices are 100% GMO free.

Are your spices free of sugar, gluten and other common allergens?

Our spices are sugar free. None of the ingredients we use for these blends contain gluten, dairy, nuts, or any other common allergens.

So regardless of what dietary restrictions you have… you should likely be fine here.


There is one thing I need to warn you about that we include in all our spice blends…

FLAVOR!!! ;)